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Sensible Solutions

I will provide you with practical and easy solutions for your business.

Forward Thinking

I am a marketing expert in countless industries and client verticals.

Meet Lisa - Principal & Owner


Lisa has been working in the Advertising & Marketing industries for over 15 years. She has spent the last 3 years of her career in Print Production Management & Print Procurement roles for brands in the Beauty Industry and Restaurant Industry. She has experience with countless different client verticals, and will approach each clients' needs individually. Lisa thrives in a fast-paced environment and has a passion for creating strategic marketing objectives that will generate ROI and customer engagement for your business! She pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. Lisa is on the cusp of social media trends. new technologies and new ways to deliver messages effectively and creatively.

Beyond The Box

I strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to your ideas.

YOu have an idea. I have a strategy.

My Client Strategy

I help my clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success.